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Probability that Romney's new followers are normal tweeters: Zero

July 31, 2012 Last week Zach Green of 140Elect, noticed some strange goings-on with Mitt Romney's Twitter account (@MittRomney). Romney's account, which had been averaging around 2,000 to 5,000 new followers a day, gained 141,000 followers in two days. This observation prompted speculation - from Green, Slate,The Huffington Post, CNN, and many others...

Everything you wanted to know about data mining but were afraid to ask

April 3, 2012 Big data is everywhere we look these days. Businesses are falling all over themselves to hire 'data scientists,' privacy advocates are concerned about personal data and control, and technologists and entrepreneurs scramble to find new ways to collect, control and monetize data. We know that data is powerful and valuable....