Obama Sanctions Russia for Election Hacking

The sanctions target Russian intelligence leaders. Obama also expelled 35 Russian diplomats in the U.S.

The Progress and Pitfalls of Government's Open Data Efforts

It’s one thing to put the data out there for the public to consume or to potentially spark new industries; it’s another to standardize those data sets.

GAO: Expect Delays in DATA Act Financial Reporting

The mechanics of reporting that data are messy, a watchdog report finds, and officials at least in one agency think they might miss the deadline.

GAO: OMB, Treasury Don't Monitor DATA Act Enough

A new GAO report concludes the lack of oversight could lead agencies to incompletely report finances.

Treasury Finalizes Guide to DATA Act Standards

The DATA Act requires federal agencies to publish their spending data.

Watchdog: Agencies Need More Guidance Before They Can Implement DATA Act

"Agencies run the risk of reporting data that cannot be aggregated governmentwide," according to GAO.

Treasury’s USASpending.gov Revamp Might Be Bumpy, Official Says

Treasury's online federal spending tracker might still have some kinks by May 2017.

User Feedback Key to USASpending.gov’s 2-Year Facelift

Treasury has built an open beta site to collect user feedback before the final version goes live May 2017.

The Rise of Agency Innovation Labs

In the 2016 budget, the Obama administration proposed more funding to help launch idea labs.

OMB, Treasury Hammer Out Final DATA Act Standards

The new data standards aim to make it easier for the public and good-government groups to track federal dollars.

Tweeting About the New $10 Bill? Treasury’s Keeping Tabs on Your Tweets

The Treasury Department has started collecting and occasionally republishing the public's agency-related social media posts in order to gain a better handle on public sentiment.

DATA Act at Year 1: In Need of a Growth Hormone

For the first time, the DATA Act has made it someone's job to define, and later enforce, common standards that will allow users to match and search across financial, budget and award reports.

Federal IT Spending Could Spike in 2016

The Department of Health and Human Services' IT spending may be the main driver, a new forecast suggests.

Paying the Government Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Thanks to a newly unveiled partnership, the public can now make online payments using two popular digital wallet services, PayPal and Dwolla.

The 3 Key Steps to Successfully Implement the DATA Act

The legislation requires the Treasury Department to undertake one of its most ambitious management and technological transformations yet.

Agencies Under the Gun to Meet Data Transparency Deadlines

The Obama administration has six months to prove its implementation of a sweeping new data transparency law is on track.