Thousands Apply to Trump's Drone Pilot Program

Transportation and FAA are accepting proposals to participate in drone innovation zones, where normal regulations do not apply.

Transportation Department Shares Road Map for Self-Driving Cars

Automated driving systems could cut down on fatalities and unlock economic activity, according to the department's recent guidance.

Watchdog: Without a Plan, Motor Carrier Safety Agency Can’t Update I.T.

A GAO report dinged the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for a half-baked IT modernization plan.

A Drone Inspects a Bridge. Now What?

The Federal Highway Agency needs visualization tools to make sense what's being collected by its unmanned inspectors.

How Removing Drivers from Trucks Leads to Flying Cars

If we can figure out self-driving vehicles on the ground, the next step might be taking to the skies.

Air Traffic Control Can Text Flight Crews. FAA Says It's Safer Than Radio, But Is It Secure?

A watchdog wants to ensure outsiders can’t interfere with flight safety communications.

Transportation Secretary Nominee Wants Agency to ‘Keep Pace’ with Innovation

Elaine Chao emphasized a need to keep up with emerging tech to make public security and safety gains.

FITARA Scorecards Could Better Reflect Progress, CIOs Say

In theory, the scorecards motivate agencies to perform better, but they may not always accurately capture much of the progress made.

DOT's Innovation Officer: Moonshots Are Just a Series of Small Steps

The government needs to get comfortable with innovation in increments.

How One Federal Official Uses Comedy Techniques to Teach 'Innovation'

The Transportation Department's chief innovation officer sometimes starts meetings with improv exercises.

A New Era for the Automobile

In long-awaited federal guidelines on self-driving cars, officials hint at a new kind of DMV.

Will Pedestrians Be Able to Tell What a Driverless Car Is About to Do?

For self-driving vehicles to succeed, they’ll have to earn the trust of walkers, joggers and bicyclists.

Transportation Department’s Fix for Airlines’ Tech Problems is To Do Nothing

“Airlines are already highly motivated to avoid situations like Delta is experiencing,” the agency said in a emailed statement

The Government Is Getting Ready for the Driverless-Car Era

New DOT policies will make it easier for autonomous cars to hit the road.

The US Government Wants to Register Drones. Here's Why It Should.

There are a lot of concerns about integrating drones into the national airspace.