With New Testing Rules, Will 2018 Finally Be the Year of the Drone?

The visual line-of-sight rule is perhaps the most important limitation to widespread commercial use of drones.

FTC Ready to Police Internet If FCC Repeals Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Trade Commission has a long-established role in preserving online competition, Acting Chairwoman Maureen Ohlhausen said.

Government Has Completed Phase Two of Kaspersky Ban

Agencies have all scanned their systems for the Russian anti-virus and drafted plans to replace it.

Silicon Valley Should Be Governed by “Star Trek” Regulations

It would be highly illogical to allow our enthusiasm for innovation to run amok without safeguards.

Big Tech Companies Won’t Change Until They Are Regulated Like Banks

There would be many bureaucratic hurdles to overcome, however.

NASCIO: Federal Compliance Exercises Are Hindering State IT

Yejin Cooke, NASCIO’s director of government affairs, is getting the word out on why federal data security rules are holding back innovation—and even security itself—at the state level.

Washington Failed to Regulate Big Tech—And Now it’s About to Discover That It Can’t

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon dominate their markets, and have deep pockets and armies of lobbyists.

Is the US Ready for Police Drones Outfitted With Tasers, Tear Gas and Lethal Weapons?

A new Connecticut bill would allow officers, not civilians, to use weaponized drones.

Space Tourism Companies Are Going to Write Their Own Safety Rules Because the US Government Can’t

The inaugural flights of these new ventures will be a leap into the unknown for the passengers.

To Dodge Regulators, Self-Driving Car Startup Released All Its Code for Free

What’s not available? The wealth of data necessary for the algorithms to actually function.

The Internet of Things Is Totally Unregulated, and That Might Have to Change

Experts have long warned of the imminent security problems with the so-called internet of things.

A New Era for the Automobile

In long-awaited federal guidelines on self-driving cars, officials hint at a new kind of DMV.

Video: How Do We Make Rules for Self-Driving Cars?

A trip to Google headquarters can hopefully provide some answers.

Feds Will Require $5 Registration Fee for Drones

Drone companies are expecting big sales for the holidays, but the government just gave them a lump of coal.

The US Government Wants to Register Drones. Here's Why It Should.

There are a lot of concerns about integrating drones into the national airspace.

FCC’s Plan to Regulate Online Streaming Faces Backlash

A top House Democrat opposes the agency’s plan to treat streaming video like cable television.

States Pass Drone Laws in Droves

These laws could potentially clash with future federal regulations.