Outraged Programmers Forced a Rare Concession From Facebook on Its Open-Source Software

Facebook’s open-source software is wildly popular among developers and has been used to build countless websites.

Pentagon Launches Open-Source Experiment

Code.mil would let the public contribute to unclassified code written by federal employees.

Education Dept. Builds Show and Tell Space for Developers

There's a new GitHub repository for anything built with Education Department data.

Creating a More Secure and High-Quality Open-Source Supply Chain

There are a few strategies agency administrators can adopt to help their open-source supply chains remain secure and reliable.

To Dodge Regulators, Self-Driving Car Startup Released All Its Code for Free

What’s not available? The wealth of data necessary for the algorithms to actually function.

Patent Office Joins Open Source Movement

The office has published the source code for an app that lets users track the status of trademarks.

White House Launches Federal Software Code's New Home

U.S. Chief Information Officer Tony Scott unveiled Code.gov on Thursday.

Here’s How the Pentagon Wants to Use Social Media On the Battlefield

Artificial intelligence will weave open-source and satellite data into useful intelligence in real time, the Pentagon’s No. 2 says.

Agencies Try a Tool That Digs Up What Google Doesn't

Parts of the government are using a deep web search engine that teaches itself to return better search results.

Elon Musk’s OpenAI Is Using Reddit to Teach AI to Speak Like Humans

The goal of this project is to allow a robot to become smart enough to not only recognize speech, but to also use the data it gathers to formulate appropriate responses on its own.

How To Ensure Trustworthy, Open Source Elections

From the perspective of voters, a trustworthy election is one in which they can be confident their votes have been counted as cast and their anonymity has been maintained.

White House Unveils Data Sharing Platform for Climate Change Research

A public-private partnership, including Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services, aims to open up climate-related data.

Innovation After Hours: Check Out Nextgov’s Newest Event

We’ve themed our first program in this series of events around open source and analytics.

Report: If DOD Doesn't Embrace Open Source, It'll 'Be Left Behind'

Currently, the department uses open source software “infrequently and on an ad hoc basis,” unlike tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook that wouldn’t exist without open source software.

HHS Revises Open Gov Policy to be More Open

The agency published the fourth draft of its open government plan.