Lawmakers Push Trump Again to Appoint OSTP Director

Four Democratic lawmakers are urging the president—for the second time—to appoint a director to the Office of Science and Technology Policy and fully staff the department.

Trump Team Enters New, Risky Territory on Shutdown Budgeting

Administration may be skirting the limits of its legal authority to carry forward and transfer funding.

White House Releases Final Tech Modernization Plan

The far-reaching plan pushes agencies to adopt cloud and shared services.

GSA, NASA, Other Agencies Update Shutdown Guidance

Agencies have to prep their staff and their systems as the funding deadline approaches.

GAO: Federal CIO Shirking Oversight Responsibilities On Critical Projects

The lack of CIO involvement in major projects could allow them to slide off the rails, GAO says.

White House Fills Key Buying, Budget Positions

The administration nominated General Services Administration and Office of Personnel Management leaders, as well as other positions.

OMB To Congress: DATA Act Could Advance Trump's Agenda

A pilot that gathers spending data directly from contractors and grant recipients could also help agencies better assess spending.

The Core Federal Services Council is Gone. Now What?

The Office of Managment and Budget's recent memo to reduce reporting burdens also eliminated a customer experience-focused group.

Per OMB, Agencies No Longer Have to Report on Y2K Plans

The White House nixed several outdated IT directives to federal agencies.

MGT Act Looks Promising But...

Agencies should start thinking now about making the business case for change, performance metrics and how to transition from outdated technologies to new platforms.

Office of American Innovation, OMB Seek 'Early Wins' for IT Modernization

The Jared Kushner-led innovation office meets regularly with Office of the Chief Information Officer on cyber and citizen matters.

Here’s How Agencies Should Implement Trump’s Cyber Order

Agency heads can appoint an official to be accountable for cybersecurity rather than being accountable themselves.

There Is a Place for USDS, 18F in Trump Administration

U.S. Digital Service would receive $19 million, while 18F would get $21 million.

Agencies Struggle to Stop Using Social Security Numbers as Identifiers

Ten years after agencies were to limit using SSNs, they've seen "limited success," GAO said.

If the Government Shuts Down, Some of Its Websites, Databases and IT Do Too

OMB’s 2013 guidance requires IT systems related to excepted activity, including national security, stay functional.

Trump Team is Floating Cyber Executive Order to Industry

Cyber watchers urge Trump to hold officials accountable for cyber lapses, but to be clear what accountability means.

Former OMB Controller To Join Deloitte

He will take on the role of chief strategy officer for the firm's federal government practice.

What’s Up With the Office of Management and Budget Website?

Currently, the integral agency—a repository for memoranda issued by the executive branch—is without a website.