A Breakthrough in Soft Robot Muscles, Funded by the Military

Future military robots may come in softer, more cuddly, and stranger forms.

AI Might Give You a Personal Assistant Instead of Taking Your Job

We’ve arguably never been busier—and more in need of some assistance.

Russia to the United Nations: Don’t Try to Stop Us From Building Killer Robots

UN efforts to limit or regulate military AI may be failing before they even begin.

Homeland Security Has A Plan To Fight Zombie Devices

The report urges more public-private cooperation on botnet takedowns and more and better cyber standards.

What Will Our Lives Be Like as Cyborgs?

A case for embracing the “augmentation” of human minds and bodies

There’s Now a Robot You Can Eat

Researchers hope that one day these bots could 'repair us from the inside'

These 'Robocops' Can Detect Weapons

Spot them on patrol at the mall and airport.

NASA Robot Trains for the Dark Side of the Moon

Learning to see in the darkened environment will take work.

US Air Force Wants Robots Watching Twitter

Tomorrow’s operations will be shaped by automated analysis of the world’s open-source data, says the service’s chief of staff.

The Israeli Army Is Trading its Llamas for Robots

Great news if you’re an Israeli war llama: Your tour of duty is over.

Robots Used to Be Advertised as Job-Saving Technology

The idea that automation will save factory jobs from migrating overseas has never really broken into the popular narrative.

Robots Used to Be Advertised As Job-Saving Technology

Automation is now viewed in the same manner as outsourcing.

The Mars Robot Making Decisions on Its Own

Thanks to artificial-intelligence software, the Curiosity rover can target rocks without human input.

Low-Skill Workers Aren’t Actually the Ones Most Threatened by Robots

Thanks primarily to automation, and to a lesser extent globalization, no rich country’s middle-skilled workers are safe.