FEC Will Take Up Online Political Ad Transparency

The Federal Election Commission may soon require online ads that urge viewers to vote for or against a specific candidate to include a disclaimer about where they originated.

Smart Cars Collect a Lot of Data. FTC Wants to Know How It's Used.

While some types of information may make drivers safer, others are more geared toward selling ads.

Feds Target Revenge Porn Website

A website is in legal trouble after publishing explicit images and other personal information of subjects without their consent.

National Forecasts Get Supercomputing Boost

Following the worst weather year ever, the federal government is investing heavily in supercomputing to improve forecasting.

Report: Post Offices Should Automate Pen-and-Paper Safety Checks

Automating compliance checklists could save time and result in better data, the Postal Service inspector general found.

FTC 'Do Not Call' Numbers Get 375,000 Robocalls Every Month

New tech is making it easier for telemarketers to make calls and hide from law enforcement.

Where Were Netflix and Google in the Net-Neutrality Fight?

Big tech firms have gone from pushing for open-internet protections to being powerful enough not to need them.

Online Shopping is Overloading the US Postal Service

USPS expects to ship more than 850 million packages this holiday season.

IG Pushes For Better Customer Experience At Postal Service

One of the first things the service needs to do is to get more feedback from customers.

The FCC Plans to Kill the Open Internet; Don’t Count on the FTC to Save It

The FTC does not have specialized expertise in telecommunications.

FTC Cracks Down on Social Media Stars Who Don't Reveal Sponsorships

FTC's truth-in-advertising mission is old but not it's tackling social media.

After USPS Phishing Hack, Audit Shows Postal Workers Still Click on Links

Aquarter of agency employees fell for a simulated email scheme, according to an internal watchdog.