White House: Government Identity Verification Tools Aren’t Meeting The Threat

The order comes as personal information that organizations once used to verify people is increasingly available online.

Report: Men Are More Comfortable Giving Up Biometric Data Than Women Are

Women are more than twice as likely as men to say they don’t want the government collecting any of their biometric information.

Treasury Office Wants Security For the Cloud From the Cloud

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is conducting market research on two cloud security schemas, each of which could lead to a solicitation down the road.

U.S. Customs Wants to Use Your Face As a Boarding Pass

By 2022, the agency plans to use biometrics to identify 97 percent of travelers flying out of the country.

Could This Be the Year Congress Helps Restore Consumer Trust?

Data breaches touched almost every sector hurting us where we live, shop, ride and bank.

GSA Needs to Verify Who’s Logging in to Login.gov

GSA wants to make it easier to sign in to government websites without making citizens less secure.

Congress Wants to Ditch Security Questions

But they’re not clear on what the best alternative is.

The Key to Reducing Exposure to Cyber Liability, Part 1

Former federal CISO Greg Touhill explains how to reduce an organization's exposure to breaches and subsequent liabilities.

GAO Denies Equifax Bid Protest on IRS Contract

In its ruling, GAO said Equifax’ contentions were “unreasonable,” allowing IRS to move forward on a contract with Experian.

GAO to IRS: Actually, You Didn't Have to Give Equifax a Contract

Despite what IRS officials told Congress, the IRS did not have to continue using Equifax services in a bridge contract, a GAO official said.

After Huge Hack, OPM Still Hasn't Learned Its Lesson

The Government Accountability Office found OPM is taking greater risks with its systems and data than it should.

The Cyber Advice Tech Titans Gave the White House Behind Closed Doors

White House Cyber Coordinator Rob Joyce shared what private-sector tech executives told the American Technology Council.

'Hey Siri, Call in an Airstrike': Army Seeks to Outfit Soldiers With Voice-Controlled Gear

To ensure cybersecurity and national security do not become mutually exclusive, the Army is testing various biometric identification methods that can withstand battle terrain.

Crooks Tricked This IRS System into Providing False IDs

The malware successfully obtained 101,000 PINs last month.

Justice, DHS Probe Hack Allegedly Made Possible By DOJ Help Desk

A hacktivist claims a help desk aided his intrusion into a computer containing contact information on some 9,000 DHS personnel and 20,000 FBI employees.

TurboTax, H&R Block and TaxAct all Use This Security Feature. Why Doesn’t the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service is not keeping pace with modern hacking, according to agency watchdogs.

OPM: ‘There’s No Way’ to Isolate Background Check Systems from the Internet

"Air-gapped" computers are used by defense organizations, nuclear power plants and other environments that require the tightest security.