EPA Sued Over Employees Using Encrypted Messaging App

An advocacy group is suing the EPA over an open records request regarding employees’ use of the application Signal.

Report: Government Websites Are (Somehow) Getting Worse

Most federal websites fail metrics related to load time and secure connections, according to a think tank assessment.

Protect White House Staff's Personal Tech But Don’t Forget to Secure Government Phones

Talking about personal devices takes attention away from the arguably greater threat posed by unsecured government-issued mobile devices.

Trump Administration Plans a New Cybersecurity Strategy

The strategy will be based on the main elements of the president’s May executive order.

Lawmaker Says Justice Department is Wrong About Encryption

Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, thinks weakening encryption would be bad for national security.

Energy Department's Random Number Generator Could Make for Stronger Encryption

Oak Ridge scientists believe they have created a quantum-based device that creates truly random numbers.

Company Places Bounty on WhatsApp and Signal Bugs

Half a million dollars is available to the hacker who can crack into the encrypted messaging apps.

After Huge Hack, OPM Still Hasn't Learned Its Lesson

The Government Accountability Office found OPM is taking greater risks with its systems and data than it should.

End-to-End Encryption is Key to Securing Government Databases

Properly protecting citizens' personal data is more critical than ever.

DOD Won’t Automatically Encrypt External Emails Until 2018

Making the protection automatic would conflict with other protections against malware attacks.

Cyber Advisory Board Gives Thumbs Down to NIST Oversight Role

The advisory board plans to dig into IT modernization during its next meeting.

Here’s How the Trump Budget Treats Cyber

The budget hikes some cyber spending at DHS and FBI but cuts R&D.

White House: No U.S. Federal Systems Hit By WannaCry Ransomware

The attack also appears to have spared critical U.S. infrastructure such as energy plants and dams.

You Cannot Encrypt Your Face

Democracy may be impossible in a world where no dissent is anonymous.

McCaul: Expect a Major IT Modernization Push after Cyber Executive Order

The effort to modernize government technology will likely be driven by Rep. Will Hurd’s legislation, the House Homeland chairman said.