The Pentagon’s Spending Data Doesn’t Add Up

The DATA Act was supposed to create financial transparency, but a watchdog found plenty of inaccuracies.

Agencies Continue to Struggle With Accurate Spending Reports, Underreporting by Billions

Months after they were required to make their financial data public, their reports are rife with errors.

OMB To Congress: DATA Act Could Advance Trump's Agenda

A pilot that gathers spending data directly from contractors and grant recipients could also help agencies better assess spending.

How a Transparent Process Made Federal Spending Transparency Possible

The leaders behind DATA Act implementation share what they think made this governmentwide reform effort successful.

DATA Act: Agile's First Governmentwide Win

Governmentwide projects are particularly complicated, but here's one that ends on time and under budget.

Is a Cabinet-Level CIO the Future of Government I.T.?

That person would lead “a legion of people” who could support the technology needs of other agencies.

4 Possible Agency Responses to the DATA Act

Some agencies compiled with spending data requirements, but others are unleashing powerful decision-making analytics.

Federal Spending Data is Due: Is Anyone Making Deadline?

Not all agencies are expected to meet a crucial deadline for financial transparency.

Congress’ Favorite Word This Week: Transparency

This week, lawmakers tackled legislation that included the words "open" and "online" as if they were playing some kind of transparency bingo game.

How Transparent Is Too Transparent, Oversight Committee Asks

Federal spending data, White House visitor logs and presidential tax returns were all the subject of a Congressional discussion on government openness.

Trump’s Nominee to Lead OMB Wants Better Data

Rep. Mick Mulvaney suggested bad data leads to bad policy decisions.

Senate Passes OPEN Government Act

The bill would require agencies to make data available in a machine-readable format.

Agencies Continue to Struggle with DATA Act Implementation

Some agencies are on track to miss DATA Act implementation timelines.

Customer-Centric Government Won’t Be Great Again in 2017 and Other Government Tech Predictions

Expect cyber and data to remain in the spotlight, while areas like customer service will see less momentum.

Timing Glitch in DATA Act Makes It Impossible for IGs to Meet Reporting Deadline

Agencies won't have spending reports ready until 2017, so watchdogs get extension on reviewing those reports.

GAO: Expect Delays in DATA Act Financial Reporting

The mechanics of reporting that data are messy, a watchdog report finds, and officials at least in one agency think they might miss the deadline.

GAO: OMB, Treasury Don't Monitor DATA Act Enough

A new GAO report concludes the lack of oversight could lead agencies to incompletely report finances.

Treasury Finalizes Guide to DATA Act Standards

The DATA Act requires federal agencies to publish their spending data.