Rethinking Federal Customer Experience

This ebook looks at how agencies are baking customer experience into their missions.

Report: Government Websites Are (Somehow) Getting Worse

Most federal websites fail metrics related to load time and secure connections, according to a think tank assessment.

GAO: Federal CIO Shirking Oversight Responsibilities On Critical Projects

The lack of CIO involvement in major projects could allow them to slide off the rails, GAO says.

Federal Agency Customer Experience Act Clears Senate

The legislation awaits a markup from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

This One Rule Informs All of Veterans Affairs' Customer Service Decisions

Bells and whistles are great, but they don't matter if they aren't helping customers, Veterans Affairs Department's Lynda Davis said.

Customer Experience Bills Pose Hidden Risks for Citizens

A section of the bills calls for anonymizing data, but that could prevent some agencies from helping with their outreach missions.

It's Time Agencies Rethink the Citizen

Are agencies thinking about citizen engagement the right way?

This Customer Experience Bill Is Building Momentum

Here's why digital and customer experience pros in government should care.

Federal Government Provides ‘Worst of the Worst’ Customer Experiences

Federal agencies and programs like continue to rank toward the bottom of Forrester Research's Customer Experience Index.

How VA Turns Survey Data into Better Veteran Health Care

Real-time feedback could help the Veterans Affairs Department direct respondents to task forces for suicide or homelessness.

To Improve, VA Must Acknowledge Vets Can Go Elsewhere

Thinking of veterans as customers who could take their business elsewhere could fuel agency improvements, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said.

Artificial Intelligence Can Make Voice Technology Less Frustrating

Using AI, a caller can carry on a normal, plain-language conversation with a system that is able to understand the request and help respond to it.

How the State Department Prioritized Passport Customers

During peak passport processing, the agency is doing more with fewer employees.

Office of American Innovation Targets Federal Customer Service

“If we can just make individual people’s everyday lives 20 percent better, that would be a huge contribution,” White House adviser Chris Liddell said.

The Core Federal Services Council is Gone. Now What?

The Office of Managment and Budget's recent memo to reduce reporting burdens also eliminated a customer experience-focused group.

4 Lessons to Improve Your Agency’s Citizen Experience

Tips that work from agencies that have done it.

Paying Bills, Reducing Spam and Other Ways the World's Postal Services Are Disrupting Mail

Singapore, Denmark and South Africa are among the countries leading the way in digitizing post offices.

New Facebook Feature Lets Users Contact Elected Officials Directly Through Posts

It’s part of the social media giant’s efforts to connected people to government representatives.