Corporate Execs Are Obsessed With Blockchain Because They Can’t Afford to Ignore it Anymore

From tech firms to banks to retailers and beyond, investors now expect execs to explain their companies’ positions on blockchain technology.

DHS Mulling Blockchain at the Border

An official struck a cautiously optimistic tone when discussing the decentralized ledger system.

GSA Launches Guide for Tech-Curious Agencies

The online resource focuses on practical applications of emerging technologies.

The Pentagon Has the World’s Largest Logistics Problem. Blockchain Can Help

DoD should join other logistics-heavy organizations in experimenting with the cryptography-messaging-accounting technology that powers Bitcoin.

Blockchain May Finally Rid the World of Fax Machines

Another reason Blockchain has captivated the financial industry.

North Korea May Be Mining Bitcoin in Addition to Hacking It

The rogue regime may have found a new use for its idle coal supplies.

What’s Blockchain’s Role In The Public Good?

A nonprofit partnership is looking for ways the decentralized ledger system can benefit society.

Federal Blockchain Projects Face a Familiar Talent Problem

The General Services Administration has a proof-of-concept project underway and a hurdle.

Supermarkets Are Now Using Blockchain to Keep Food Fresh

The technology can track food throughout the complex global supply chain.

Feds Take Next Step In Spreading Blockchain Tech

The federal government's buying hub is hosting a workshop about integrating new technology in early September.

Federal Agencies Flirt with Blockchain

Agencies brainstormed at least 200 potential federal use cases.

Blockchain for Government: A Cheat Sheet

The technology could be used for processes that require third-party verification.

GSA Seeks Blockchain Solutions

The technology would help speed up proposal review.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes

Scammers are making big money off people who want in on the latest digital gold rush but don’t understand how the technology works.

HHS Wants More Blockchain In Health Records—Eventually

A recent code-a-thon showcased different ways the technology could be used to protect and share health records.