More Money, Fewer Rules Could Help AI Grow, Experts Say

The government needs to put money into artificial intelligence if it wants to beat other countries, tech experts say.

White House ‘Deeply Committed’ to Artificial Intelligence

The White House made machine learning and autonomous systems research and development priorities this year, the deputy chief technology officer said.

The U.S. Air Force’s Next AI Project is About to Kick Into High Gear

Dubbed Data to Decision, it aims to fuse just about every potential source of information.

This Might Be The Last Olympics Without AI Judges

The next summer games in Tokyo might be very different.

Threat Hunting and Defensive Tools Government Could Use

New tech designed for cyber defense could help the government make up for lack of personnel.

How Fake Data Can Help the Pentagon Track Rogue Weapons

The Air Force Research Laboratory bought software that trains machine-learning tools to spot groups amassing biological, nuclear and chemical weapons.

The Case Against Understanding Why AI Makes Decisions

Not everyone wants to open the "black box" of artificial intelligence.

Google Is Using 46 Billion Data Points to Predict the Medical Outcomes of Hospital Patients

Google hopes to predict your medical outcome as soon as you’re admitted to the hospital.

7 Skills Federal Cyber Pros Need to Know

The role of the cyber professional is evolving.

A Shutdown Smorgasbord for Tired Techies

Amazon's turning to artificial intelligence to get rid of store lines while YouTube is still tuning its algorithms to flag objectionsable content.

The Robots of 2018 Are iPads on Wheels

Information robots took over the robot section of CES 2018.

A Popular Algorithm Is No Better at Predicting Crimes Than Random People

The COMPAS tool is widely used to assess a defendant’s risk of committing more crimes, but a new study puts its usefulness into perspective.

Despite Progress, Social Platforms Still Not Terrorist-Proof

Lawmakers grilled Facebook, YouTube and Twitter over their efforts to block extremist content on their platforms.