GAO: Federal CIO Shirking Oversight Responsibilities On Critical Projects

The lack of CIO involvement in major projects could allow them to slide off the rails, GAO says.

Senator Calls On Agencies to Streamline Programs for Entrepreneurs

The Government Accountability Office reported in 2012 that each of the 52 entrepreneur support programs at Commerce, SBA and other agencies overlapped with at least one other program.

Homeland Security's Top Buyer: Still All-In In Agile

The department needs to do a better job “taking the fear out of innovation,” Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa said.

Watchdog: Agencies Find Old Development Habits Die Hard

Only four agencies had policies and processes in place to develop software in increments.

DATA Act: Agile's First Governmentwide Win

Governmentwide projects are particularly complicated, but here's one that ends on time and under budget.

3 Strategies for Building Successful Agile Teams

With agile, it’s all about speed, adaptability and collaboration—all for the sake of accelerated, better application development.

Agencies' Grasp of Agile is ‘All Over The Map,’ One CTO Says

Developing software in an incremental fashion may mean rethinking contracting and personnel's duties, an Excella Consulting's chief technology officer said.

DevOps University Aims to Address Government's Agile Talent Dearth

The 31,000 square-foot facility will support more than 250 DevOps and agile development specialists, many of whom are federal customers.

'If I Were the Federal CIO': Setting Technology Priorities in the Digital Age

There’s much that can be learned from the experiences—and the mistakes—of the private sector.

FEC and 18F Team Up to Save Agency $1.2M

The commission's new website, hosted by, will reduce spend on internal systems.

8 Companies Protest $1.5B DHS Agile Buying Experiment

At least eight companies have filed protests with GAO.

Report: Expect Cyber Investments, More Outsourced IT Under Trump

While cybersecurity investments and IT outsourcing may increase, expect agencies' agile efforts to wither.

How Design Thinking Can Benefit Government Agencies

The approach calls for agencies to be empathetic toward people’s needs while being open to continuous learning and a willingness to fail—fast.

Why Agile is Still So Hard for the Government

Pockets of the federal government want to change the buying process so technology can be acquired in sprints, preventing large-scale failures like the rollout.

Agile Means More Prototypes, Fewer Meetings, Even in Government

USDS member Joe Crobak says leadership is asking for demos instead of PowerPoint decks.

DOD 'In the Right Spot' With Cloud, CIO Says

In many ways, DOD’s use of cloud computing is not so different from non-IT Fortune 50 companies, Halvorsen said.

TechFAR Hub Aims to Clear Up Buzzwords Like 'Agile' and 'Open Source'

USDS and OMB's procurement policy office collaborated on the TechFAR hub.

18F's Second Project Under Agile BPA: Citizen Logins

The tech consultancy wants to work with a vendor on identity management.