Video: Eliminate Keys With a Smart Lock


The internet of everything extends to your front door.

For those who chronically can't find their keys, the Yale Assure smart lock might be the answer. This smart device eliminates the need for keys altogether.

The device features a touchpad, where you can input a code. Users have the option to choose several different working codes.

Family members could have their own code, or users could program specific codes to only work during certain hours of the day. This lets your dog walker in only at noon, but not at midnight.

The device also connects to an app, available for iOS and Android, which can also be used to unlock the door. The app doesn't, however, let you check the status of your door or lock and unlock it from afar. So, if you leave the house and fear you left the door unlocked, you really will have to go back and double check.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET