Google nails the timing on its iOS Maps release


The tech giant released the app the same week that Apple maps made headlines for leading users astray.

Have you been led astray by Apple's questionable Maps app? Do you find it odd that renderings of landscapes look like acid trips? Well, you'll be glad to hear that Google is launching its iOS maps app on Wednesday night. At least according to AllThingsD's Liz Gannes, it is. For Apple users, this day couldn't have come soon enough.

It's hardly a surprise that Google's releasing an app to replace the native Google Maps app killed by Apple earlier this year. It is pretty interesting that Google hustled and got the thing ready for release on the same week that another epic Apple Maps fail made international headlines. We're talking about the story that came out of Australia earlier this week. You know -- the one where Apple Maps were leading people in search of civilization dozens of miles into the middle of the outback, where temperatures topped 120-degrees and water is nowhere to be found. One guy was actually stuck out there for 24-hours before park rangers came to his rescue. All thanks to Apple.

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