Amazon's Elastic Cloud Compute service snaps

Websites affected include Reddit, Pinterest and FourSquare.

Earlier today a bunch of sites, including the front page of the Internet itself, weren't working because Amazon's Elastic Cloud Compute service, or EC2, which hosts many websites sites, was down. As Beta Beat's Jessica Roy notes, when Internetters went to they got the pleasant (but also horrifying) message above. For some, the problem still persists. But it's working fine from the Wire's D.C. office (our New York HQ is still Reddit-less) and TechCrunch's Roman Dillet confirms it's back to normal for "most people." Reddit Status, the Twitter handle that first acknowledged the "network related issue," however hasn't said everything is "back to normal." In addition to Reddit, Roy notes GitHubHerokuImgurTurntableAirbnb and MongoLab are also not working. The Next Web's Brad McCarty adds Coursera, Flipboard, FastCompany, and VYou to that list. Pinterest and FourSquare tweeted they were down as well. 

Amazon has caused an Internet outage like this before, breaking Reddit and other favorite Internet sites for a few hours. No word from Amazon yet confirming this hiccup.

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