Spectrum space cleared for wireless, public safety

Wireless microphones that operate in the 700 megahertz band of spectrum will be affected.

The FCC adopted an order Friday that will clear the way for the deployment of the next generation of wireless devices and for the rollout of public safety communication services. The FCC's order bans the further distribution and sale of wireless microphone and other devices that operate in the 700 megahertz band of spectrum. The agency said these devices may interfere with the other services that will be operating in this band of spectrum.

The FCC is giving those individuals or groups that have wireless microphones or other devices that currently operate in this swath of spectrum until June 12 to transition to a different frequency. Those who currently own wireless microphones can find information about whether their device is affected by the FCC's order through the agency's Web site.

Steve Largent, president and CEO of the wireless industry group CTIA, praised the FCC's order, saying "it will help ensure that harmful interference does not hamper commercial wireless carriers' fourth generation deployment plans, which promise to increase mobile broadband availability and adoption, as well as create much needed jobs."