Watchdog Applauds GSA's Contractor Database, Despite 'Drab' Look

The nonprofit watchdog Project on Government Oversight on Sept. 29 published a critique of the General Services Administration's six-month-old public version of the government's contractor and grantee responsibility database, the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System.

POGO, as part of an update of its list of top contractors and cases of misconduct, applauded the website's improvements for usability by outside researchers.

"Although the public FAPIIS website still has the same drab, clumsy overall look and feel -- and still provides no user guide," wrote investigator Neil Gordon in a blog, POGO is pleased to see the "Get All Awardee-Entered Proceedings Information" button on the bottom of the search screen along with direct links to contractors' FAPIIS listing.

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