Friending the White House Is So Old School

The Obama Administration's Twitter followers are younger than its Facebook fans and better at staying in touch, according to results from an unscientific poll the White House conducted on the two social media sites.

Half of respondents to the Facebook survey were over the age of 50 while only 32 percent of Twitter followers had reached that age, the Administration said in a

blog post Friday.

Just about 60 percent of Facebook respondents check out the White House page each week, while 93 percent of Twitter respondents see at least one Administration tweet each week, according to the post.

Facebook fans are more likely to share White House content than Twitter followers are to retweet it, though.

Both groups said their favorite content from the White House was breaking news, announcements of live streaming events and live postings of quotes from major speeches. Several respondents wanted the White House to be more interactive, including making officials available for occasional web-based Town Hall meetings.

The post did not say how many people had participated in the informal survey.