President Clinton: Don't Tweet on Me

Dreamforce, which bills itself as the "cloud computing event of the year," has lined up quite a keynote speaker for the conference, which takes place in San Francisco next month: former President Bill Clinton.

But while Clinton may be speaking about the cloud, he doesn't want the people he's addressing to be in it while he's talking. ReadWrite Cloud reports that a public relations firm representing, which is putting on the event, has sent out the following message about Clinton's participation:

"PLEASE NOTE: President Clinton's representatives have mandated that there be absolutely no reporting during his session. That includes live blogging, Tweeting, Facebook posting or use of any other social media. We understand the inconvenience this may present, but greatly appreciate your compliance. Thank you."

What's not clear is how the former president's team could enforce such a ban at an event filled with tech-savvy people.

(Hat tip: Los Angeles Times)

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