GSA expands TIC awards

The General Services Administration announced two modifications to the Networx contract today that will allow agencies to purchase secure Internet connections under OMB's Trusted Internet Connection initiative.

Sprint Solutions Inc. and Qwest Government Services will join AT&T in offering managed trusted Internet protocol service (MTIPS) on the Networx enterprise contract. GSA announced last month that Qwest would join AT&T as an MTIPS provider on Networx Universal.

MTIPS vendors are expected to provide secure, turnkey Internet connections to agencies, including real-time traffic monitoring and threat detection. Karl Krumbholz, director of network services at GSA, said in March that agencies' interest in buying secure Internet connections on Networx has been greater than anticipated, but the agency welcomes the additional business.

The announcement means only two Networx vendors--Level 3 Communications and Verizon--are currently not offering secure Internet services. GSA oficials have said they hope to hammer out agreements with all of the Networx vendors by the end of this year.