OMB Nudges Agencies on Trusted Internet Program

A memorandum sent to federal CIOs by OMB yesterday outlines additional guidance for agencies seeking to comply with OMB's Trusted Internet Connection program.

The memo, issued by Karen Evans, administrator of OMB's Office of E-Government, orders agencies to provide their current plans of action and milestones to OMB by October 15. Evans writes that the updated plans should reflect a "pending modification to the Networx contract for TIC services which is scheduled for award on/or about November 15, 2008."

That refers to OMB's announcement in July that TIC services would be available on Networx, with an award expected in November. Combined with an OMB mandate in late August requiring agencies to justify any decision not to buy from Networx, it looks like the contract is going to be the one-stop shop for all the federal government's TIC needs.