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Headlines from around the Web for Monday, Dec. 10

Compiled by Melanie Bender

Sophisticated Cyberattack on National Labs Under Way, Oak Ridge Says


The U.S. science and technology lab Oak Ridge National Laboratory yesterday disclosed it has been compromised by what it described as a “sophisticated cyber attack that appears to be part of a coordinated attempt to gain access to computer networks at numerous laboratories and other institutions across the country.”

Denver Airport Goes Fast and Free with WiFi


The airport, one of the busiest in the United States, last month switched its public Wi-Fi offering from paid to advertising-supported. Within a week, and with no public notice of the change, Wi-Fi use grew tenfold, said Jim Winston, director of telecommunications for the airport. He expects the network to get even busier.

Data Breaches, Regulations Fueling Data Encryption Adoption


Although data encryption adds cost and complexity, business and government sectors are becoming wedded to it -- even though at times it’s like an arranged marriage driven by regulatory compliance and fear of data-breach fiascos.

Companies Provide a Blueprint for IT Governance


It's not simple for IT to define its goals, position services and the need for constant evolution, and then communicate its capabilities and services to its line-of-business customers. The good news is that a lot of thinking has already gone into the problem.

Personal Data Thefts More Than Triple This Year

USA Today

More than 162 million records have been reported lost or stolen in 2007, triple the 49.7 million that went missing in 2006, according to USA TODAY's analysis of data losses reported over the past two years.

E-Prescription Firm Receives a Political Boost

The Washington Post

Electronic prescriptions are considered a key component in a long-discussed national system of electronic health records. Last week, lawmakers and the Department of Health and Human Services took several steps to speed the transition.

Houston Threatens to Sue Company that Provided Its Court Technology System

The Houston Chronicle

City officials, at their wit's end with the company they hired to turn municipal courts into an electronic operation, this week threatened to sue unless the company fixes problems with the $10 million system.

Cuyahoga Elections Officials Not Ready to Scrap Touch-Screen Machines

Cleveland Plain Dealer

The election board's hesitation came despite pressure from secretary of state to switch to optical-scan equipment with the March 4 presidential primary looming. The board president said members will welcome public comment on the county's voting system during the board's Dec. 17 meeting.