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Following is a sampling of information technology articles that news outlets recently posted.

San Diego Wildfires: Business and Government Systems Keep Running Despite the Disaster


Business continuity plans helped Qualcomm and San Diego County keep going despite system overload, employee evacuations and other consequences of the fires.

Storm Worm Strikes Back at Security Pros


The Storm worm fights back against security researchers that seek to destroy it. Those discovered trying to defeat the worm suffer DDoS attacks.

Attacks Aimed at Personal Data Soar


During the first half of 2007, Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool detected 31.6 million phishing scams -- an increase of more than 150 percent over the previous six months -- and tracked a 500 percent increase in Trojan downloaders and droppers, according to the company's latest Security Intelligence Report.

CIO Council Turns Focus on Privacy


The CIO Council is formally addressing privacy issues, much the same way it looks at enterprise architecture, best practices and workforce challenges.

Duke Employees Face Snafus from Proposed Verification System

Duke News

Duke officials warn if Congress moves ahead with proposed legislation requiring private universities to verify the status of employees with a national electronic system, some Duke employees could lose their jobs or even be deported.

Ahead of the Bell: Border Security

Business Week

Lawmakers on Wednesday will press Boeing Co. and senior government officials on the status of the first high-tech "virtual fence" at the nation's borders, after nearly a five-month delay caused by a computer glitch.

House Panel Chief Demands Details of Cybersecurity Plan

Baltimore Sun

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee called on the Bush administration yesterday to delay the planned launch of a multi- billion-dollar cybersecurity initiative so that Congress could have time to evaluate it.

Scanning Students' Fingers Hits a Nerve

Statesman Journal

With the federal government lagging behind on its plans to implement the use of electronic passports, identification cards and driver's licenses, biometric vendors are targeting a new market: schools.

U.S. Government Considers Mandating Internet Service Providers to Forward Customers' E-mails

Technology Review

The U.S. post office forwards letters when a person moves, and telephone companies do likewise with calls. Should Internet companies be required to forward e-mails to customers who switch providers?

Chicago to Do Clean Sweep of Parking Violators


City officials last week issued a request for qualifications for a project that would put high-resolution digital cameras on the city's street sweepers. The surveillance cameras would take photos of illegally parked vehicles and the vehicles' license plates.

-- Compiled by Melanie Bender.