Different Country, Same IT Problems

You just knew there had to be an IT angle to the special inspector general reports on procurement abuses associated with the Iraq War. You were right. There is. Seems that the United States spent $38 million to develop a financial management system for Iraq's government. When it stopped working for a month, no one noticed, according to an Associated Press article. From the article:

"According to U.S. Embassy officials, the Ministry of Finance continues to use its legacy system for overall budget and accounting, 'nobody noticed' when IFMIS was down for a month and no one relies on IFMIS to produce reports," [special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction Stuart W. Bowen Jr.] said.

Other ministries, such as interior and defense, have developed their own financial management information systems, and they are not compatible with the new one and cannot transfer financial data from one system to another.

Sound familiar?

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