Gartner: EPA a Paler Shade of Green

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a report listing ways federal datacenters could reduce the amount of electricity they consume, therefore saving money and reducing greenhouse gases.

In a quick analysis of the report, IT research firm Gartner praises the report by saying it "is bursting with good ideas," but quickly adds that EPA ...

should have made this a stronger call to action, with recommendations that would provide incentives for stakeholders to work at getting closer to the best-practice scenario the report outlines. The U.S. is home to more than 40% of the world’s largest data centers, and most server and processor manufacturers are U.S.-based. The EPA thus had a unique opportunity to provide forceful recommendations that would help to set a worldwide agenda.

Many of the recommendations are based on the principle of "lead and they shall follow," which Gartner believes is too optimistic for this subject.