WiFi In The Sky

Mobile wireless networking, coming to an airplane near you! The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. airlines will start offering in-flight WiFi connections within the next 12 months.

“If broadband connections at 35,000 feet are as popular as they have been at hotels, airports, homes, schools and coffee shops, airplanes will likely be fitted with the relatively inexpensive technology rapidly,” writes Journal travel columnist Scott McCartney.

And, he notes, this probably means that in-flight cell phone service is probably around the bend, too. Though the Federal Communications Commission is keeping a cell-phone ban in place for now, the chances for in-flight cell service are rising, McCartney says.

With airlines in Europe and the Middle East set to allow such service later this year, the pressure will be on American carriers. “Air travel is a copycat business,” McCartney notes. Tech Insider recommends a prompt investment in industrial strength noise-canceling headphones.

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