Learning How to Track Hackers

With losses of financial data and personal information on the rise, more universities now offer courses to students on how to combat hackers. An estimated 22 universities in the United States offer such programs, including the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, according to an article on Charlotte's News 14 Web site.

UNCC students learn how to lure hackers into a so-called "Honeypot," a data or network site constructed to look like it stores information that may be useful to hackers looking to steal identities or proprietary information. Students then observe how the hackers navigate the site looking for information, how they break into files, and how to track them. Some of the graduates from the program have gone on to work for the FBI.

UNCC's program is offered by the school's Criminal Justice Department and its Software Information Systems Department. "We're very unique in combining the technical know how and also the criminology aspect," said Bill Chu, chairman of the Software and Information Systems Department.

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