Computers-in-Classroom Debate Continues

Some education experts question spending on interactive white boards and other advanced technologies that connect classrooms throughout New South Wales in Australia, according an article on the online news site The Age.

The interactive white boards are "the latest high-tech device charged with transforming the state's classrooms, along with broadband links, a student portal, notebooks and digital cameras," the site reports. "But there are doubts in some corners whether the ... resources are being wasted on political techno-daydreams rather then basic school needs, such as toilet upgrades and roofing repairs. It is claimed the whiteboards and their video link allow greater subject choice to students, let gifted pupils take higher classes in other cities, facilitate expert lectures and afford online 'field trips' for children in remote localities."

The theory that computers in the classroom raise academic scores in American schools has been debated for more than a decade. Just today, the Kansas City Star published an article debating the academic value of technology in the classroom.