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Video: The Technology in Airport Body Scanners Could Give You Faster Internet


Imagine high-speed Internet access without ever having to deal with a cable or phone company.

Starry Internet hopes to cut out the middleman by using millimeter waves to send broadband to your home at speeds of up to 1 gigabit. That is 10 times faster than the average home broadband speed. Millimeter waves, which operate at a very high frequency, are more commonly found in airport body scanners.

It's not available to the public yet, though. The service is still undergoing testing.

Starry has also developed an easy to use Wi-Fi router known as the Starry Station. While meant to serve as a companion device to Starry Internet, it will work with any Internet service. Its touch screen gives user easy access to information on the connection speed and how many devices are connected and lets users easily make adjustments.

To learn more check out the video below from CNET

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By Caitlin Fairchild January 29, 2016


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