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LinkedIn and ZeuS


By Adam Ross October 1, 2010

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ZeuS, a password stealing Trojan, is not a new threat but it is the cause of some discomfort for users of the social media site LinkedIn. ZeuS is a family of malware that you can buy, and various organizations run these botnets for profit. Attackers typically will try to trick you into installing the ZeuS malware with a fake link.

LinkedIn typically has been spared of this threat in the past, but reports are coming in to SANS' Internet Storm Center suggesting users are seeing suspicious links. If you are using LinkedIn and see anything that looks funny as posted be careful it might be Zeus behind it.

I've also found some excellent stories that help explain just how dangerous Zeus can be. You can find them here and here.

Adam Ross is managing editor at the SANS Institute and wrote, edited, and Web produced for The Washington Post's opinions and politics sections, online and in print. You can reach him at


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