David Beckham Emails Released on Soccer Version of WikiLeaks


Global soccer star David Beckham joins the growing club of other high-profile people who have had personal emails published online.

Hackers stole emails and documents from the Doyen Global publicity agency, which represents the former Manchester United/Real Madrid/L.A. Galaxy star, and demanded 1 million Euros in blackmail, according to The Telegraph.  

When Beckham failed to pay up, the information was published on Football Leaks, a website that publishes information about famous soccer players’ wages and contract information. The British media alleged the emails—which they’ve dubbed “Beckileaks”—show Beckham used his charity work as an attempt to get knighted as well as talk some trash about other celebrities.

The Portuguese police have been investigating the breach since early last year when the Portugal-based Doyen Global was contacted by the blackmailers, The Mirror reported.

A Beckham spokesperson said the emails have been taken out of context, and have been doctored, according to the BBC.