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Video: What Does Hacking Look Like?

Pavel Ignatov/

What does hacking look like? Some might describe a masked figure hunched over a keyboard; others might point to a cascade of green letters and numbers like in the "Matrix" films.

Demonstrating what hacking entails visually will help the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency during its Cyber Grand Challenge. The challenge is a $55 million contest between seven autonomous hacking bots battling on seven supercomputers.

"We haven't seen any real representations of the logic and memory of computers when they're being attacked and when they're being defended, and that's something we're trying to do here for the first time, really," said Mike Brown, DARPA program manager of the Cyber Grand Challenge.

To learn more about the visuals of hacking, check out the video below from Wired

By Caitlin Fairchild July 5, 2016


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