Middle School Uses Hacked Teacher’s Email to Send Classmates X-Rated Material

Education // Arizona, United States

The Highland Junior High pupil obtained access to a teacher's login information and emailed "inappropriate images" to other students, said Irene Mahoney-Paige, director of communications for Gilbert Public Schools in Arizona. 

She could not confirm how the student gained access to the illicit pictures, but did say that all district computers are equipped with the "strongest content-filtering and -monitoring solutions" to prevent students from obtaining inappropriate material at school.

The technology department quickly disabled teacher and student accounts.

"Teachers and staff actively monitor students' computer use," Mahoney-Paige said. "We also provide all students with instruction related to appropriate online behaviors including interacting with other individuals online."

12News published the following May 14 letter that the school’s principal sent to parents and students:

Dear HJHS Parents and Students,

I am sorry to report that one of our teachers, Sarita Kulkarni, had her Gilbert Public Schools email account hacked into tonight. There were two very inappropriate messages sent out to her students without her knowledge before district could deactivate her account. If you or your child received one of these email messages, please delete it immediately without opening. We are working on suspending all our student accounts right now to prevent further students from viewing these messages.

Gilbert Public Schools takes situations such as this very seriously. I have reported the crime to the Mesa Police Department and also the FBI since they are the ones who handle all internet fraud. If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact us as quickly as possible so we can report it to the proper authorities.

Again, I am sickened by this horrible act and am working as diligently as possible to take care of the situation. Your continued support is appreciated.


Marcie Taylor
HJHS Principal