New York Doc Planted Spy Cams in ICU Restroom to Catch Alleged Druggie Coworker

Healthcare and Public Health // New York, United States

Jeffrey Gould, 32, is accused of hiding two cameras in a bathroom of Crouse Hospital in Syracuse.

The pair of “spy pens” were found in a unisex bathroom located in the facility’s intensive care unit. One camera was taped to the ridge of a trash can and the other was on a toilet paper dispenser.

A defense attorney said that Gould hid the cameras to catch a person who he says stole his GoPro camera and the prescription drug Adderall from a bag he had left in a conference room of the ICU.

Gould had the spy pens delivered overnight and set them up in the bathroom.

“Neither of the hidden cameras was ever pointed at the toilet, and no identifiable people can be seen in the videos until the cameras are discovered,” reports. A news reporter viewed the images.

None of the footage showed anyone's private areas.

“Gould got the idea for the hidden cameras from his former work as a television investigative reporter, a job he'd held for three years before going to medical school,” according to

When detectives first questioned Gould in his Syracuse apartment, he denied placing the cameras in the bathroom.

While examining the contents of the two cameras, a computer forensics detective found a video showing the inside of an apartment.

A police officer recognized it as Gould's apartment and confronted Gould about it.

"Game over, you win," Gould told the officer.

The doctor admitted what he had done.

Gould believed that the thief was possibly a fellow co-worker and that he would catch him using his Adderall in the restroom.

"Gould said he realizes that this was a very stupid move on his part," a police report states. "He wanted (another detective) and I to know that he is not a pervert."