Miscreant Publishes Hacked Photos of Adele's Son, Including a Baby Scan

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Images of the songstress's newborn swaddled in blankets and other family photos were circulated on Facebook.

A hacker is believed to have first accessed the images through her partner Simon Konecki’s email.

One image shows the results of Adele’s five-month scan, when prospective parents usually find out the child’s sex.

The Sun on Sunday alerted Adele’s management to the breach on March 18.

The pictures were circulated on the social network among a privately-run group of the singer’s “mega-fans.”

One of the members was so appalled by the privacy invasion that he also contacted her management.

The whistleblower told the Sun: “I was appalled and upset for Adele when I saw the pictures. They are really private and should not be passed around.

“I think it is disgusting that her so-called fans were sending them around and I thought it should be stopped. They are way too private, especially the scan and picture of her when she was pregnant.

“If Adele wanted to share these pictures I am sure she would. It would be up to her if she wants intimate pictures like this shown around.”

While Adele is known for lyrics detailing personal heartache, the record-breaking singer is very protective of her privacy.