Gawkers at Two Hospitals Peek into Rob Ford’s Patient Records

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Chris Young/AP

Cancer-stricken Toronto mayor says he hopes the premier investigates the privacy breach.

Oft-disparaged Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has had his privacy breached twice, since undergoing medical treatment for an abdominal mass that turned out to be cancer.

Individuals gained "inappropriate access" to Ford’s medical records at Humber River Hospital, where he was initially admitted, a hospital spokesman says, according to the CBC

“Once, I can understand — but twice. I am very disappointed,” Ford told the Toronto Sun. “I don’t know how this could happen. I wonder if somebody, maybe the premier, will step in and find out why this happened and who is behind it.”

Humber River President and CEO Rueben Devlin did not say whether the individuals were on staff.

Last week, Mount Sinai Hospital, where Ford is currently being treated, announced a similar breach of privacy. In that incident, two staff members not involved in Ford's care were disciplined after accessing his medical records.

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