Saks Personnel Splurged $400,000 on Shoes Using Customers’ Credit Card Data

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Six employees at Saks Fifth Avenue dreamed up a way to obtain more than 100 pairs of designer footwear and other accessories from the luxury retailer.

Tamara Williams, 36, allegedly stole clients’ payment card data from store computers, shared the information with five colleagues and provided them with lists of what they should buy.

A separate group called "the fake shoppers" was then called in to retrieve the bags of fraudulently purchased items and hand them off to Williams at designated meeting places in Queens, a criminal complaint states.

Some of the items apparently were returned to Saks and the refunds went to accounts created by the suspects.

“The process was caught on surveillance footage that was then shown to police,” according to ABC.

This routine allegedly went on for four months and shortchanged at least 22 customers’ accounts.

Police raided Williams' apartment earlier this month and found the boxes of shoes, in addition to handbags and other merchandise.