Pakistan railway website penetrated by Indian hackers


“The Indians on their independence day have once again showed their mindset towards Pakistan and its people by hacking the official website of Pakistan Railways,” reports The International News, a Pakistani newspaper.

Hacktivists, calling themselves “Black Dragon Indian Hacker Online Squad,” posted a message on the site that claimed they are avenging Pakistani infiltrations of Indian websites.

“Hello citizens of Pakistan, this site has been hacked. Years of injustice and misbehaviour and bloodshed from Kashmir in India by Paksitan. Big numbers of Indian websites including Government are being hacked by your cyber brothers,” the message said.

“Have you ever thought how pathetic and vicious it will be a day without electricity. “How pathetic it be for Pakistani citizens when they see all of their cash in National Bank of Pakistan, Bank of Khyber, First Women Bank, Sindh Ban, Allied Bank, Askari Bank, etc. These banks show zero,” the compromised website stated. “We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are anonymous.”

It is believed that the same group previously attacked the website of the Bangladesh cabinet division.