Snoops allegedly accessed Astros inside trade data


The Houston Astros claim hackers compromised the team’s servers and posted months of internal trade talks online, the AP reports.

The team learned of the hacking about a month ago and responded on Monday, after published a story about the breach.

The information gleaned included talks with Miami to trade 2012 top overall pick Carlos Correa and rookie George Springer for Marlins star slugger Giancarlo Stanton.

Some of the information was accurate and some was not, according to Astros officials. General manager Jeff Luhnow declined to discuss what portions fell into which category.

He has communicated with other teams to apologize that they were entangled in the incident.

“The Astros rely heavily on sabermetrics in their evaluation of players and have been open about the fact that they use an online database to house their proprietary information,” the AP writes. “Luhnow isn't sure if that's why they were targeted, but he knows they are far from the only team which stores data about players and trades online.”