Hacker rewrites 5 highway signs in North Carolina

Transportation // North Carolina, United States

Electronic billboards that were intended to warn drivers of traffic hazards instead read, “Hack by Sun Hacker.”

The messages appeared on a Friday morning and were taken down by police later in the day.

Transportation Department officials say they are “investigating how the hacker was able to get into the private network used to put messages on the billboards,” the AP reports.

That same day, a Twitter user with the handle “ISUN_HACKER” posted a message that appears to explain how the deed might have been done:

“1 Change the lan of VPN to INTERNET protocol. 2- Scan all the range of the IP on port 23. 3- bruteforce the password. 4- add your message.” Brute force is a method of guessing passwords by trying various combinations of characters.”

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