Government psychologist, robbed of laptop by a prostitute, must undergo evaluation

Government (U.S.) // Healthcare and Public Health // Washington, United States

A Washington state therapist who neglected to immediately confess that a hooker stole a computer containing medical information on 652 state Department of Social and Health Services clients must submit to a mental health evaluation if he wants to practice again.

A call girl took off with Sunil Kakar’s laptop in February 2013 while he went to an ATM but he didn’t report the theft for five days, which violated his government contract. He was suspended in October 2013.

“Kakar initially told police somebody took the laptop out of his truck while he was with a friend but eventually admitted that a prostitute stole it,” the News Tribune reports. “The laptop was later recovered at a pawn shop.”

Psychological evaluations and mental incapacity exams stored in the machine does not appear to have been accessed.

In another case that factored into Kakar’s suspension, he “refused to leave an area where a prisoner was about to be strip-searched, threatened to beat up the boyfriend of another prisoner and ate food left for a prisoner, documents show,” the newspaper reports.

He remains suspended because he failed to take part in a required substance abuse monitoring program ordered after that incident, which occurred April 2011.

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