Hack into Russian systems exposes military dealings with India

Government (Foreign) // Russia

It is believed an international group of unidentified hackers that is retaliating against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has extracted documents concerning the purchase, overhaul and repair of Russian fighter aircraft.

The breach was detected by Indian technical intelligence agencies early on 3/8/14.

Leaked files include correspondence between Russia's United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), which makes the SU-30 and MiG-29 among other aircraft, and the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) which manufactures the aircraft under license in India.  

“Several letters written by UAC president M Pogosyan to HAL chairman RK Tyagi refer to a host of issues discussed during the 31st session of Indo-Russian Subgroup on Aviation (IRSA) held in New Delhi on February 20 this year,” the Hindustan Times reports. “Some of these letters discuss the delays in finalising a contract between UAC and HAL for the RD-33 MK engines, which power the MiG-29 fighter aircraft.”

Other documents released include details on visa applications for Russian specialists to visit India and Indian engineers from HAL travelling to Moscow.

And some files are Letters of Credit issued by the Avionics Division of HAL to Russian counterparts for processing critical orders. “Some of these LoCs are to the tune of $ 1.6 million,” the Hindustan Times reports. “Indian security experts are examining the leaked data to gauge the extent of the breach since most of this communication is considered secret.”

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