Bangladesh-based hacker batters Indian cricket site in tiff over the sport's future

Entertainment // India

The website of the Board of Control for Cricket in India displayed mangled text, skewed images and an article picturing the Bangladeshi cricket team taking a lap of honor after a winning match.

“While the hacker did not mention the reason behind the hack, it is widely believed to have occurred thanks to developments in the upper echelons of the International Cricket Council,” Tech2 reports. “The ‘big three’ boards of the cricketing world – India, Australia and England – are slated to get more control over the running of the game. Naturally, this proposed move has upset other boards as well as fans globally.”

The proposed changes are expected to come up for a hearing in front of the ICC executive board later in January.

Due to security threats and growing concerns over player and official safety, the scheduled Twenty20 World Cup may not end up being held in Bangladesh, which could have been the motivation for an angry fan to lash out against the powerful BCCI.

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