Old-school fax defaces security firm website

Web Services // Other Critical Infrastructure

The Metasploit website fell to pro-Palestine hackers who told the company managing the cyber firm’s online location to point visitors to a different site.

The hackers, known as Kdms Team, are the same culprits who claimed to hijack the sites of messaging service WhatsApp, along with antivirus companies Avira and Alexa.

The group sent a fax to Register.com, the company which manages the domain name system records, essentially Web address records, for Metasploit.

IBT reports: According to HD Moore, chief research officer at security company Rapid7 and driving force behind Metasploit, the website was "hijacked through a spoofed change request FAXED to Register.com. Hacking like its 1964."

Ironically, Metasploit, a penetration testing service, is hired to hack into corporate systems so that companies can identify vulnerabilities and fix them.

During the incident, Metasploit.com visitors were redirected to another domain claiming to be metasploit.com.

The site, apparently controlled by the Kdms Team, read: "After Whatsapp , Avira, Alexa , AVG and other sites. We was [sic] thinking about quitting hacking and disappear again! But we said: there is some sites must be hacked. You are one of our targets. Therefore we are here. And there is another thing do you know Palestine?" 

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