Hacktivists avenge Facebook kisser arrests

Government (Foreign) // Morocco

Anonymous claims to have entered several Moroccan government servers, after the apprehension of two teens who posted a photo of themselves kissing on the social network.

The boy and girl, ages 15 and 14, were accused of violating public decency earlier this month.

 “This senseless attack on an innocent expression of young love in a country notorious for the domestic abuse of women is a sick and twisted mirror image of what the Moroccan government should be focusing on instead,” states a press release issued by the Anons involved.

The hacktivists claim to have stolen a “niagarous flood” of information from servers used by the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and the Environment. In the release, the hackers displayed data purportedly taken from servers used by water.gov.ma, including usernames and passwords.

“Pull back from the brink of the unbelievable two year sentence they could be facing for simply expressing affection for each other and we will also back down,” the release stated. “For using teenagers as pawns in a war on freedom of expression online, for risking the permanent damage of their young lives, you should have expected us.”

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