Austerity opponents sock Jordanian PM’s website

Government (Foreign) // Jordan

"Hi uncle, how are you? We are sorry, we hacked your website. Are you upset? We feel much worse when you raise prices. The people know this feeling but you do not," the vandalized site stated.

Hacktivists associating themselves with the Anonymous collective attacked the official site of the Jordanian prime minister's office to protest tax and cost hikes.  

The assault lasted “several hours,” according to government officials.

Authorities have identified the culprits, said Mohammad Momani, information minister.

"Anonymous Jordan” defaced the website and left the message to Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur in Arabic.

The government is struggling to reduce a $2 billion deficit this year and restrain a foreign debt that now exceeds $23 billion.

“It has doubled taxes on cellphones and mobile telephone contracts, and plans are under way to raise electricity costs by 15 percent. It has also raised taxes on imported clothes from five percent to 20 percent. A government decision in November to raise fuel prices, including household gas, by up to 53 percent, sparked a wave of violent nationwide protests,” the AFP reports. 

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