Barclays computer coughs up $2.1 million to gangsters

Financial Services // London, UK

Police found a keyboard video mouse, or KVM, switch attached to one of the branch's computers.

Eight men between ages 24 and 47 have been arrested for their roles in a gang that took control of the Barclays Bank machine.

A man purporting to be an IT engineer placed installed the device a day before the theft on April 5.

“A KVM switch, which has a 3G router attached, allows a user to control multiple computers. This enabled the gang to remotely transfer funds to other back accounts,” explains the BBC.

Barclays officials said they were able to recover a significant amount of the stolen money.

"We identified the fraud and acted swiftly to recover funds on the same day. We can confirm that no customers suffered financial loss as a result of this action,” a bank official said.

The money was transferred from the branch in Swiss Cottage in north London.

The raid might be tied to an attempted cyber heist of Santander that was revealed last week.

The same police team is carrying out both investigations.

A detective said the arrests "are a different level, it's really the top tier of this criminal network that have been arrested. . . All criminal networks have a head and we very much believe we have now apprehended our 'Mr. Big' as part of this operation."

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